Global Days 2015

From the 5th till the 9th of October the Global Days were organized for the second time by the Wirtschaft gymnasium, Ludwigshafen. A much discussed subject this year is the refugee crisis. This is why the theme this year was the refugee crisis.

Beside the 25 students from Germany there were also 5 students from all participating foreign countries. This year there were Spanish, French, Danish and Dutch students. In mixed groups all students worked on different projects.

On Monday everyone arrived at the school, so we got the chance to know each other a bit better. The next day we had to be at school very early to go to the European Parliament. From Wednesday till Friday we had two lectures and we could work on our projects in mixed groups. The project was about making a newspaper about the refugees. The main goal from the newspaper was to get people excited to get involved in the discussion. On Friday we closed the week with a big party for all participating students.

Next to the school projects and lectures, many trips were organized by the hosts. This created a cozy and friendly feeling among the people. This project was meant to get to know each other’s culture, to work together, to improve your language and make new friends. They achieved this with this project, in our opinion.

I enjoyed it. It was nice working with other countries and to get to know them.’- Lykke HØgh Titelbech, Denmark.
I think it was an amazing experience for all of us. We learnt a lot and we met some refugees that made me realize how important the discussion is.’-Naiara Garcia, Spain.
This was a great experience and I have learnt a lot from the other students.’ – Lotte Kron, the Netherlands

Lotte de Kroon