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The German vocational dual system

Dual vocational education in Germany has a long tradition and is regarded to be one of the assets of Germany’s economic strengths. On a 2,5-3 year contract, the students are simultaneously employees within a company as well as students at a vocational school. Within the framework set by the Chamber of Commerce, the companies and the schools work hand in hand to ensure theoretically sound as well as practical and job-related knowledge, and to provide a learning environment for the students to develop the skills and competences required.

Having two learning environments at the same time enables the student to immediately put his/her newly acquired knowledge into practice as well as to develop skills and competences exceeding the ones needed for the everyday business routine.

The school aims not only at enhancing knowledge but also focusses on the development of social, organisational, methodological and soft skills. Thus, our vocational schools don’t only contribute to preparing the students for the job market but also help to develop their personality.